My Work

Dal Paltform


Dal is a platform that was launched in 2019. It works on including people with disabilities with people without disabilities. The platform's vision is a better inclusion in society.

After partaking, as a trainer, in a special workshop for people with disabilities in 2017, I was able to experience a breakthrough about what people with disabilities suffer in their lives. I learned from them the essence of innovation, the meaning of the individuality of needs, and finding daily solutions which suit your physical and emotional state. Here I am, talking about a different point of view of life, which taught me a lot about being different and capable. After that, I participated in many activities and projects, which revolve around people with disabilities, most important of which might be Dal platform (Better Social Integration), which works on raising awareness and establishing societal comprehension of both the importance and necessity of including people with disabilities in Syrian society, using modern connective tools. And, I am honored to be one of its founding members.