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2000 watts, Light in Depth | 2015

Short Film

"The black space which separates the light in the deep from the sounds, is the film we wanted to make. We have filled the void with everything we wanted to say and were not able to". This film is the product of workshops in documentary making, held in cooperation between the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Peace Leans, which was the principal trainer and the general supervisor on film production in Damascus.

 in Damascus. 

Young men and women of different social backgrounds shared their love for the film industry in the workshop. They were supposed to come up with an idea to make a documentary, but, there was a huge difference in opinions. After several experiences, we made a film about their differences, and a new born film was made, called “2000 Watts, A light in the deep”. It captures the trainees in Damascus’s workshop, while they are explaining their various point of views, and telling their reality, views on life and their dreams.

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