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2km of Jobar

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Jobar is a neighbourhood adjacent to Damascus, and it was considered a war front. For years, mortar grenades have been launched from it, and have stricken home roofs, in which I have lived in the city. In March of 2018, I took these photos after a tour on foot, which covered 2 kilometres of Jobar, during a period of truce between conflicted sides. I took these photos with an i-Phone 7 Plus, and they have been modified and edited with an i-Pad. We cannot consider these a document…even though, at first glance, that is what they seem!

These are a part of my diaries, if not in a realistic sense, then in a sensual one. Therefore, the instrument used is a documenting tool that can be put in one’s pocket. Because, in my daily life, setting up a camera in the street is harder than setting up a weapon!

The exhibition gathered many artistic products, which are inspired by a turbulent relationship with the void, which I inhabit in the city of Damascus. The exhibition was held for the first time in Zawaya Gallery in Damascus within a charity event, the revenue of which was allocated to support families, who were affected by Covid-19. It included a collection of 12 photographs and video art, in addition to accommodations for the whole place.

Special thanks to: 

Leen Habib, Ibrahim Melhem and Ammar Al-Beash

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