My Work

Green Line | 2016

Short Film

"While the present of Hama should have been colored and green, the city looks pale and without light. Something separated this city from its beautiful past, and from its people too". This film is the product of workshops in documentary making, held in cooperation between the United Nations Development Fund (UNDP) and Peace Lens, which was the principal trainer and the general supervisor on film production in Damascus.

We were surprised with the energy, the enthusiasm and the openness displayed by the young people there, considering, of course, the isolation we were experiencing in the city. Some of the participants from Salamia were visiting Hama for the first time in their lives, even though they live only 20 kilometers away. This state of isolation is due to the negative image, which was promoted about Hama for years. The question was: “why does Hama scare the inhabitants of other Syrian governorates”? We ought to draw a new and real image of this city.

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    Basma (We Resist to Bring Back a Smile) is a national volunteer organization for children with cancer and their families. It began operating since November 2005 and case seeds started in November 2003 }