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On the Laundry Rope | 2016

Short Film

"The film is a silent picture of the city, made by ten young people who are showcasing two characters. The first is a guy living in isolation after all his friends left the country, the second is an old man with Alzheimer". This film is the product of workshops in documentary making, held in cooperation between the United Nations Development Fund (UNDP) and Peace Lens, which was the principal trainer and the general supervisor on film production in Damascus.

It seems that society in Lattakia is in more harmony, at least in regards to form, than other places, for its components live side by side. So, the participants, whom were displaced from the cities afflicted directly with the violent acts of war, spoke about how easy it was to fit in Lattakia. So, the trainees wanted to express their feelings towards the city through a silent film, which captures the lives of two people living in Lattakia.  

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