My Work

Rwaida | 2015.

Short Film

"The film tells the story of Rwaeda, the girl who paints on the walls of the war-ridden city of Homs, the one who is spreading life despite all the destruction". This film is the product of workshops in documentary making, held in cooperation between the United Nations Development Fund (UNDP) and Peace Lens, which was the principal trainer and the general supervisor on film production in Damascus.

The participants in Homs’ workshop were very clear about their disagreement surrounding how to look at the division caused by war in this city. The film’s idea was to look for what unites them with the rest of their city men, and there it is…Sweet Thursday. It is an occasion, which has only been celebrated by the people of Homs, who were used to celebrating it up until the beginning of war in 2011. In the course of looking for signs of Sweet Thursday, the participants found Rowaida, the hero of the film they made, who, despite her humility, was able to unite them all together, and re-direct the film’s course.

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