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The Tunnel “Al Nafak” | 2013

Short Film

A life of hardships and salty dreams of twenty families, internally displaced from three Syrian cities: Aleppo, Damascus and Homs, because of the ongoing conflict, to take shelter in a tunnel under construction on the coastal front's Cornish in the city of Tartus. The families become inhabitants of the tunnel! The tunnel is a true metaphor for Syria, which is also going through a dark tunnel, out of which we do not know when we will get out.

 25 minutes short documentary

Directed by: Simon Safieh

Filming by: Simon Safieh

Edited by: Icon “Ibrahim Hammoud Melhem and Ayham Saleh”

Produced by: Poor Film, in cooperation  with Tartouss Cinema Club and the website Tartouss Now, 2013

Filmmaker: Simon Safien

Language: Arabic

Subtitles: English

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