Cinema, with its synthetic nature, makes me capable of turning reality into what I wish\or don’t wish it to be!

I believe that what is happening (today) makes for an extraordinary moment in history. I am possessed with the desire to record everything, for it to become a document kept by time, so it can tell next generations something about what happened. To be precise, I do not see that war is the subject of my films as much as it is the human being.

Damascus\Winter of 2020 

  Like all kids, I tried to catch the ray of light coming from the sun.

Perhaps, the story begins there, or with the orange colored-toy, that looks like an 8 mm camera, which my uncle gifted me while I was just five years old, or the marine coast on my way to ancient Tartus to watch the films of its cinema club.

Damascus\fall of 2014

 in Tartouss Cinema Club, I watched, for the first time, a different kind of cinema,

in which heroes were real people who live like us, go around about their lives and are neither super heroes nor their stories are epics. A cinema that puts the daily details of these people under the light of a microscope. I felt that this cinema speaks of me, I, the teenage boy in a small town on the Mediterranean sea, who is occupied with the sea and nature. I felt that this cinema resembles me, and the club drove me to delve deeper in it on the screen and inside myself.

 Damascus\Winter of 2016

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